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The Gym

The Gym

Owning a gym is something I’ve always been passionate about, and something I’ve loved having.

Alongside building one of the fastest growing sports supplement companies in the UK and becoming a leading social media influencer, I was keen to build a well equipped gym with a small handful of members, that would allow me a platform to provide quality content in a well equipped gym, along with a base for world class bodybuilders to train alongside me when they are in the UK.

However, i feel the time is right now for us to open its doors one again and open itself up to a limited number of members.

I believe we have one of the best gyms in the UK. but we aren’t sitting on our laurels, we have plans to extend the gym and make it a unique experience for our members. Where else can you train in the world alongside bodybuilding superstars? We will be having a 2 tier pricing structure that offers incredible value for money, but for me, its not about the money, its about being passionate with your training goals and wanting to achieve something, and we will only be accepting members who share our philosophy.

We have multiple questions per day about training and our products. They see not only my journey, but also Calvins who is at the start and doing incredibly well, and Billy who i have trained alongside now for years. So why not open it up and allow people a share of this unique atmosphere.

For anyone interested in gym memberships, please email – membership is limited and available on a first come first serve policy.

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