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We launched Alpha Training in 2012, and its been a journey that none of us expected.

We had a vision of creating a Sports Supplement brand that would provide honesty and quality in our products, we didn’t want to bullshit our customers like other companies do, so we will only ever put our name to products we truly believe in and understand. Within the first year, we had surpassed target after target, and our customer base and target audience was global.

Early in 2018, we encountered problems – creating a company that starts to do so well, we need to protect ourselves, and our name ‘Born Alpha’ was the biggest issue. We had to start applying for Trademarks and domains, our name was so general in a saturated market that we came to a crossroad – change the name or risk being copied and attacked. It is a decision that Harrie and I spend hours discussing – it wasn’t just us it would affect, its our staff, our company and our futures – could we risk changing the name?

After around a few weeks of brainstorming and name ideas, we agreed on a name, and the decision to take the plunge and rebrand our company and launch it on May 11th 2018 at BodyPower – giving us the best platform to promote and ensure people knew about it. Naming the company wasn’t easy, we had to be different, we had to stand out.

Fast forward to the current day and business is great. We took a HUGE risk, despite people advising against it, but we believed in ourselves and we believed in our products.

Ok, so people don’t like the name, but they still buy our products, and aswell introduce new items into our range, our customer base continues to grow.

And what better conversation starter than to say you buy your supplements from Mental Hamster!

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