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Lambo The Movie Is Going Global!

Lambo the Movie is Going Global!

After the initial launch of the Lambo movie on DVD and Blu Ray, we were contacted by the Orchard (, who are a part of Sony Music, based in New York, as they had seen the film and wanted to have the sole rights to distribute the film globally.

Many weeks passed reviewing contracts and terms and when we were happy, we signed on the dotted line and the wheels where set in motion to release the film on 23rd October.

As part of this contract it did mean that we had to stop selling the film on our own Mental Hamster Website and we were sorry to frustrate many of our followers that wanted to purchase the film, as we had to remain tight lipped during the contract negotiations and unable to release much information on the reasons why it had been removed.

Now the wait is finally nearly over and the film is currently available on iTunes – Many other platforms are still being confirmed and we will share with you a list closer to the release date. Confirmed already are Amazon Prime (US, UK, Germany), Microsoft Xbox, Vubiquity (International/ North America), InDemand (Movies), Google Play, DISH and many more.

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