About Aarron Lambo

I started lifting weights properly when I was 15 years old. I knew from then I wanted to get on stage.

My brother in law gave me a load of 1990’s Flex magazines (wish I still had them) but I kept them for years going through them over and over looking at pictures of what I thought was the freakiest physiques in the world. I had a particular favourite muscle group for each one, like Paul Dillet’s TRAPS, Lee Priest’s ARMS and Dorians Yates’ BACK etc.

As I got more and more into the sport and competed I then knew from the age of 17 I wanted a gym. I remember telling my Nan I’m gonna save for a gym but never got past £30. Time went on and I got to meet some good friends in 2008, friends that are life long. I got a job working for one of them, James Collier, for his brands Muscle Talk and 1RepMax. James helped me from day one and with out him I wouldn’t have nothing today.

In 2013, I officially opened Alpha Training Gym. From that day the business rocketed.

It was in 2014 that my brother, Harrie, and I had an idea. We wanted to branch out into promoting. We sat down came up with a plan and put it into action. Muscle Promotions was born. We did a 2 week tour around the country with Lee Priest covering over 1000 miles. This too was a great success and put Muscle Promotions firmly on the map.

2015 we decided to register Muscle Promotions as a limited company and expand again. We still have a tour, this time with the Legend that is Samir Bannout.
We came up with another great idea LEGENDS LIVE. Something that has never been done before and we are excited to watch this grow!

Alpha Training Gym is continually growing. With new members, new equipment and also fresh new building works, it is the only place worth training in Northamptonshire.



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Lambo “Film Screening & An Evening With”

“An Evening With” contraversal and inspirantional online star Aarron Lambert.
Aarron shot to fame following his viral videos that both inspire the people and provoke the system.
An insprirational and true “look at life” story has been created with this cinematic documentary film,
following the struggles and successes of a voice that must be heard, from childhood through to adult life.

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Jake Scanlon

Alpha Training Client & Gym Owner

Aaron is like Marmite, I happen to like marmite. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience and is always happy to pass this on. We should all try to keep learning and trying new things, as this way we keep improving. Aarron has helped me personally in adapting my training and the results speak for themselves.


Martin Harcombe

Alpha Training Gym Member

I have had several PT sessions with Aarron and I will continue to do so. He really knows how to push people to get more out of them. His unique training method that he teaches really works your muscles, you will never have a workout like it!


Viktor Caushaj

Alpha Training Client

When I first started training at Alpha Training Gym a year ago, I weighed 75 kg. Now a year later I weigh 97 kg and my strength has increased a lot. Aarron always has helped me by showing me different techniques and different exercises to make my training more intense and I never had a pump like it. Aarron is now prepping me for my first competition, and after a month I can see a massive difference on my body. Aarron definitely knows what he is doing, and he has really helped me to achieve my goals.


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